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How should men care for their lives?

The male genitalia is often called the "life root". It is a very vulnerable place. Therefore, if a man wants to give full play to his sexual ability while making love, he should learn more about how to keep the penis healthy. Oh! Dr. Goldstein often said that a study involving 31,000 people found that men who walked 2 miles a day (about 1.6 km) had a half chance of erectile problems compared with men who were sedentary for a long time. . Jogging for 20 minutes or lifting weights for 30 minutes a day has the same effect. After slumbering sex after climax, the penis needs enough sleep. When a man is asleep at night, the penis will erect 3— for 5 hours, the night erection is not for sex, but to "charge" the penis, increase blood oxygen, and ensure the health of the penis. Dr. Goldstein said that the more erections you get at night, the more flexible the penile erection is. A violent impact with a hard object that does not interfere with a hard object may result in a closed penile tear (commonly known as a "penile fracture"). If the corpus cavernosum is completely torn, surgery such as internal hemostasis must be performed within 24 hours to reduce permanent damage to the penis. Partial damage to the cavernous body usually heals itself, but it may also bring some sequelae, such as abnormal penile curvature, pain, impotence. Statistics show that as many as one-third of men with impotence have a history of "penile trauma". Experts remind that women are most likely to cause male penile fractures when they are in the upper position. Keeping away from cigarette smoking (including second-hand smoke) can affect penile erection hardness. A new study found that smokers had significantly fewer penile erections than non-smokers. Dr. Goldstein said that in addition to damaging blood vessels, smoking can cause damage to the penile tissue, which in turn leads to reduced penile elasticity and limited erectile function. Xiao Bian recommended: >>> 4 facts under the illusion of orgasm illusion>>> The detailed operational process of making love for the first time prevented derailment studies and found that men who were derailed had a greater chance of developing impotence. One major reason is that the feeling of guilt caused by derailment becomes anxiety, which interferes with the brain nerves for a long time and leads to mental impotence. Another big reason is the panic of sexually transmitted diseases. After derailment, some men suspect that they will contract sexually transmitted diseases. This kind of worry will gradually turn into a kind of fear. When it is serious, it will lead to exclusionary sex and impotence. The two physical reactions, often yawning and yawning and penile erection, are controlled by the chemical substance nitric oxide. After diffusing in the male brain, the substance can reach both the neurons that control the breathing and the spinal cords down the blood vessels that supply the penis. If both functions occur at the same time, the male will tremble when the male yawns. Men consciously yawn more and help improve penile erectile function. Men with diabetes who control blood sugar levels greater than 50% have erectile dysfunction. Diabetes can cause a double blow to the penis. On the one hand, diabetes accelerates arterial disease, damages penile blood vessels, and increases the risk of impotence. On the other hand, diabetes can damage the nerves, causing the rate of estrogen transmission from the whole body to be reduced. Over time, the penis will be numb. I have seen these measures. Some of them may be neglected in peacetime. Especially in the case of derailment, some good people think that this is not a good thing. Therefore, for your own health, you still love your body. Otherwise, it will only be there. It is counterproductive and not worth the candle. Guess what you like: Six strokes make women orgasm affect the climax of the stumbling stone, oral sex, skill, sexual intercourse, sex novels, one-night stand more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: