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First date, what should men and women talk about?

I believe that we have had the experience of the first date. The embarrassing experience of not knowing how to get along with strangers will definitely impress you. Obviously, I don’t know what to do, but I’m screwed up because I don’t know what to talk about. I believe that in the face of your favorite ta, you must not want to mess up your first date. Then, when we first date, what should we talk about in order to be more attractive, and it is easier to make a good impression on ta? Xiaobian Recommended: Depilation Cheats: How to find a woman to catch a subway, how to talk with beautiful women 1. Don't ask the history of love. When anyone is on the first date, they should not ask each other's past love. You shouldn't even mention it until the other party actively shares his past, sharing the past is very private, and you need the comfort circle of each other. Directly asking about history, the first date is definitely not a good start. (But you can arouse his curiosity.) 2. Care about his family's love history. Ask him if he has brothers and sisters. He is at home, and how is his relationship with them? This is a relatively comfortable and simple start. At the same time, you can still know who he is probably. 3, you can talk about travel is always a good topic. From the special experience sharing in the past to the place you want to go in the future, you can understand each other's preferences and interests from one's imagination and experience. For example, if you are a girl who loves shopping, and the other person said that he hates that Hong Kong is a large shopping mall, or that you love adventure and freedom to sunbathe, but he likes to eat and drink in big cities, you can easily There is a simple imagination in the future. (This girl's travel reason is very special) 4, delicious food is also good first time if it is static to stay in the restaurant or bar, don't just focus on your own points, easily ask each other's preferences, reveal you Intimate side. During the dialogue, you can also pay attention to the foods and drinks that the other person likes. For example, if the other person likes to eat seafood, you can quickly search for the delicious seafood restaurant that you know. If the first date is very good, you can take the initiative to say that you know there is still Which restaurant is very good, prepare for the next possible date! 5, simple career inquiry to understand what the other party is doing is always good, what is being done? Future planning? Once upon a time? Do not go deep into his work style every day or the exact five-year goal of a year, just It's easy to understand what he is doing, sharing encouragement and discovering from the work that this person's trait is what you like. 6, you can also talk about friends, many girls will have a defense against men's friends, and avoid talking about his friends. But in fact, this is a pity. Ask him if he has any good friends? What do you do with your friends? You will know how he gets along with friends, and you can better understand the guy who made your first date. Is it a good person! It is better to value his friends than to ignore them. 7. Is it easier for leisure and entertainment to like dancing? Do you like sports? Love watching movies or like that person's music? From the leisure and entertainment that the other party usually likes, you can know that you two are not in sync! More importantly, if you two Have similar interests and can open another deeper topic for you. Of course, a good topic is a very important communication process, and it is also a must for a date to win. If you want to have a successful first date and have happiness in hand, these are essential. Guess what you like: Women's age increases sexual desire How to improve the success rate of blind date More content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network two sex channels: