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Little secret about women and underwear

The woman's pajamas are half-masked and the chest is slightly exposed. The scene is probably a dream scene for all men. And underwear is a must for everyone in modern society, especially female friends. For women, underwear is not only to prevent exposure, but also to protect private parts from various diseases. A comfortable and comfortable underwear is undoubtedly a help for women to ensure their health, but with the development of the trend, more and more forms of underwear, such as lace underwear, thongs, four-corner underwear, cotton underwear. So how do you choose the underwear that suits you? Let's take a look. 1. The underwear is not well worn. Many girls will feel that choosing the small ones can make the meat tighten, but if you are not wearing the body shaping underwear, the idea can be a big mistake. The KK of the small one will squeeze the flesh of the waist, the abdomen and the buttocks out, which not only does not look good, but also gives people a feeling of bloated and cascading. The important thing is that wearing the original good body will be different. 2, "T" pants are not everyone can wear and may be related to fashion (microblogging), recently hanged a "T" pants boom in the crush group. This kind of underwear is from the West. In the design, the back piece uses bold lines, so that the whole hip is exposed, especially suitable for wearing with jeans. However, due to the special design of the underpants, it is easy to cause the allergies to be caused by the friction between the underwear and the genital skin. So the skin's beautiful crush is still try not to touch them. 3, the abdomen has a high-waist briefs, such as high-waist briefs. This kind of underwear is more suitable for girls who like sports, because when wearing a body-building suit, it is not necessary to worry about the danger of accidental walking, but this type of Underpants are not suitable for girls with more abdominal fat. Not only does it have no corset effect, but it will make the belly fat more obvious. 4, the color of the underwear is not too bright and bright colors and cute patterns are the favorite of girls, but please remember that the choice of underwear can not be greedy for beautiful colors. Because many female diseases can be warned by the color of the leucorrhea, the underpants with too bright colors will make it difficult for us to pay attention to the discolored leucorrhea, which may delay the condition. 5, sexy underwear do not wear every day, I believe that there are many girls in order to ask boyfriends happy to wear sexy and unique underwear, although these small KK makes you look sexy and charming, but they are not suitable for everyday wear. Because these cute little pants, although they look very good, but most of them are made of chemical fiber, which is easy to burden the skin. When you are not dating, change back to regular cotton underwear! 6, underwear or hand wash as well, although washing clothes is a very troublesome thing, but also physical and hurt. But no matter how advanced your washing machine is, it is better to wash your underwear. In addition, when washing, use soap or female special soap to wash, after washing, put it in a ventilated place to dry, let ultraviolet rays to disinfect KK. 7, panties at most for half a year I know that you are very old, very diligent, but the underwear can only be worn for at least half a year. Although it may still look very new, there will usually be some feces on the underwear that passes through it. These feces will not be completely removed after washing, which means that there are already many invisible on your underwear for about half a year. Feces, so it is still good to lose early.