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Holding a woman: shame the topic how to say export

In the process of enjoying sexual life, many women do not have sexual orgasm, but in order to meet the needs of men, some women like to pretend to climax! In fact, expect men to gain confidence from your camouflage orgasm, thus promoting sexual life, which It’s a big information asymmetry! Since he knows that he is doing well, you are climaxing, then he will do it next time, and then, what about promotion? And you are also in the process. I feel more and more negative. If you play so hard, you can only satisfy him every time. After he wakes up, your heart seems to be unable to sleep. So, what should you say about the shameful topic? First, therefore, sex life. When you are not satisfied, what you have to do is not to pretend to be a climax, but to say it. Some people say, how do you say this? How embarrassing, and when he did not take the initiative to speak, how can I say such a shameful topic. Ok, then let's talk about when to say this shame topic. I didn't talk well before I started. After he finished, he didn't take the initiative to talk. You are also embarrassed. After the end, he talked about the man doing badly, and he was afraid of hurting his self-esteem. Then you can talk about it in the process. Of course, at this time, it is not advisable to say too much. Just tell him how he can do better. He will never forget it next time. Also remember, when you say, you must first make sure that he is doing well, and then how to make it better. This is the same as the original intention of your disguise. Someone said, this time to say this, will it smash the scenery? For example, Xiaoqing, she asked me with a confused look. Will you smash the scenery, it is entirely in the tone of your speech, as for the tone, how to be good, forgive me, I really can't talk. Second, the topic said that to improve sexual harmony to do two points, said the communication problem, there is one point, but also the most important point, that is, as a woman, first of all to understand themselves, understand sex. A woman must first understand her body, understand the sensitivity of her body, and have basic sexual knowledge. As a mature woman, there is nothing wrong with pleasing her and her basic skills. Also, let go, don't expect too much from sex, and know that it is normal to have no climax. Whether there is a climax is not the only criterion for judging sex.