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What is the performance of a man who hurts his wife?

Many women will say this, their men are very different before and after marriage, many things will be accommodated before marriage, and many things after marriage make them move to him, and after marriage, men become very lazy, not only do not like at home Doing housework, and often expressing dissatisfaction with some trivial matters, let women doubt the man in front of him, whether he carefully selected it. So, what are the performances of a man who hurts his wife after marriage? 1. I am used to accompanying you at home or getting used to self-entertainment. If he is always used to accompanying you while you are free, watching TV, surfing the Internet, chatting, then he will treat you as a treasure. 2. When you make a mistake, you should first comfort you or complain first. When you make a mistake, you must be the most wronged. When you are most sad, if he knows how to pity and love you, he will take you into his arms and gently comfort you. When you are as quiet as a kitten, he will tell you where it is wrong. 3. Is it a sophistry or a correction to a man who has a shortcoming and a problem that a woman can't tolerate, such as smoking. If you complain and object to his smoking behavior, he can do it in front of you. Take a point, then, your weight in his heart is not light. 4, he unconsciously often asks you to nickname men's emotions are generally not often exposed, because their restraint is much stronger than women, only when they touch the deepest part of him, will be insincerely revealed. If he always unexpectedly calls your nickname if you are unprepared, then he must love you very much. Sometimes he even makes him feel uncomfortable and irrelevant. 5, when shopping, is the first to pay attention to you or pay attention to his men shopping, most of them are cash machines and pacemakers, although some are also shopping mad, but most of them are women on the streets. So see if he really loves you, just look at where he looks when you look at clothes and try clothes. If you stare at you and have a viable opinion on your try-on, then there is no doubt. I love you. Men hate women's annoyance, but most women can't control their mouths. When men feel that women are annoying, they must also carefully examine their own problems. If you have time, you can also help your wife share some housework. I should actively correct some bad habits, instead of always looking for excuses.