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How to treat female sexual intercourse bleeding

Sexual life bleed is a topic that many female friends are more concerned about. If there is a sexual life bleed, it will often scare many people, especially the first time friends who have encountered this situation, do not know what to do. What is the cause of sexual life bleeding? 1. Improper housing in the same room. If it is the sexual life caused by improper housing, you don’t need to worry. As long as you take the appropriate position and do a good caress in the future room, you can effectively reduce your sexual life. Bleeding this situation. There is also a male friend who is not too rude in the process of sharing the same room, otherwise it is easy to have sexual life bleeding. In addition, female friends must relax during the same room, not too nervous, or it may cause sexual life to bleed. 2, gynecological diseases gynecological diseases are the main cause of sexual life bleeding, such as cervicitis, uterine polyps, cervical erosion, vaginitis, genital warts and other organic diseases may cause sexual life bleeding. For older female friends, if sexual life is bleeding, it is also necessary to be alert to cervical cancer. Therefore, friends who often have sexual life and bloodshed must pay attention to it, and they must go to the hospital in time to get timely and effective treatment. How to treat bleeding in women with intercourse bleeding can use hemostatic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs as emergency treatment, then go to the hospital to do a routine check to determine the cause of bleeding, and then symptomatic treatment. Female sexual intercourse bleeding, first of all to find out the cause of bleeding. Due to interstitial hemorrhage caused by local genital lesions in women, localized lesions can be cured, and hemorrhage can also be cured. For example, vulvar ulcers, vulvar eczema, and vulvar herpes can cause inflammation and cure eczema. Herpes, sexual intercourse bleeding naturally healed, such as vaginal trichomoniasis caused by sexual bleeding, should be treated with metronidazole first to treat trichomoniasis, trigeminal cure after the natural hemorrhage naturally healed. If frequent episodes of bleeding occur, it is also necessary to be alert to cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, etc.; in the mid-menstrual period, a small amount of vaginal bleeding may occur due to rupture of the corpus luteum; women with ectopic pregnancy may have rupture of ectopic pregnancy after the event, and some of them may also have bleeding; Menopausal women due to ovarian function decline, often manifested as anovulatory uterine bleeding, sometimes just happened to be born after sexual intercourse; other women in the sexual intercourse of the clitoris were heavily stimulated, may also rupture bleeding. In addition, patients with urinary calculi or tuberculosis, bladder polyps, and cancers are not uncommon in the event of urinary bleeding after the accident. The ovary is called the temporary warehouse of the tumor, and the tumors in other parts of the body, especially the gastric cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer, and lung cancer of the respiratory tract are extremely easy. Ovarian transfer occurs. In sexual life, ovarian cancer is irritated and ruptured, and blood can flow out of the vagina.