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As long as sexual intercourse is not sustainable, men will naturally think of "premature ejaculation." At present, there is no uniform definition of premature ejaculation. In general, doctors will treat sexual intercourse as a premature ejaculation when sexual intercourse is shorter than 1 minute. In fact, sex premature ejaculation is a pathological condition, and there are very few people who really suffer from premature ejaculation. The symptoms of premature ejaculation think that less than 1/10 of the people who prematurely ejaculate are true premature ejaculation. Most of them are prematurely read more

Today, for people, mobile phones are more than just communication tools, but also a fashion representative. However, these fashionable elements have no small harm to men. Mobile phones can affect male reproductive health and even damage sperm quality. The mobile phone signal transmits the electrical signal through high-frequency electromagnetic waves, and there is a certain amount of microwave radiation around the transmitting antenna. When the microwave generated by the mobile phone exceeds the national standards, it may endanger the health of the genitals, and the human body does not feel read more

As a sexual dysfunction disease, premature ejaculation has always been a problem for men because it affects the relationship between husband and wife and husband and wife. Long-term premature ejaculation will gradually reduce the confidence of men in sexual behavior, cause psychological problems, and even induce more serious male diseases. What is premature ejaculation? Take males as an example. The ejaculation of the penis just before entering the vagina or entering is premature ejaculation; the frequency of female orgasm during sexual intercourse is less than half of the normal condition is read more

It is said that spring is the period of turbulence of animals. There is nothing wrong with this. Human sexual desire is also sprouting in the spring. However, the sexual health of modern men and women is very problematic, and there are more and more patients with impotence and urethritis in men, especially in spring. Therefore, when the spring is coming, men and women must pay close attention to sexual health! Men in the spring to prevent impotence In recent years, men suffering from impotence have become younger. In the past, male impotence mostly appeared in the years after marriage, about read more

Experts say that as with common infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases require three conditions: the source of infection, the route of transmission, and the susceptible population. Sexually transmitted diseases are obtained after sexual contact between healthy people and sexually transmitted diseases. "In addition to sexual contact, indirect contact can also infect sexually transmitted diseases, but this chance is very small, almost less than 5%." Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through blood in addition to direct sexual contact infections and indirect contact infections. read more

2. Male oral contraceptive male oral contraceptives, oral pills for males, by inhibiting the production of sperm, reducing the number of sperm, to achieve less sperm or even sperm without pregnancy. Gossypol is the representative of oral male birth control drugs and the only drug that has been used clinically. Because this chemical extracted from ordinary cottonseed has a strong inhibition of sperm production. Israeli scientists have successfully developed male oral contraceptives that remove the key proteins of male sperm and ensure that eggs are not fertilized; and, even more surprisingly, read more

Sexologists have done a condom survey, with 21% of men surveyed feeling that condoms are too tight, 18% feel too short, 10% feel too loose, and 7% feel too long. Overall, nearly 60% of men use the wrong condom. This is not a problem with condoms, but people are too casual in their choices. Choosing a condom is also a matter of learning. At least you should learn the following tricks. The type of condom should be selected to the experts. The physical characteristics of people in different regions are different. The condoms also have different sizes. The standards of the East and West are different. read more

With the development of society and the Internet, many people now have access to gender knowledge online and can learn more. However, many young people think that these things are not important. Because it is a young girl now, there are a lot of cohabitation before marriage, but when doing sexual life, it is not good to do security measures, leading to multiple pregnancies and repeated abortions, which is very harmful to their bodies. Serious words cause lifelong infertility. Many pregnant young girls choose abortion, although this is a remedy, but the harm of this remedy is not imagined by read more

Among the many contraceptive methods, condom use is the simplest and most used contraceptive method. This is precisely because the condom price is civilian, easy to learn and so on. The use of condoms does not require a professional teacher to know, and it is easy to get started after reading the instruction manual. Although condoms are so easy to use, there are times when you need to pay special attention. Today, I will summarize the points to be aware of when using condoms: 1. Pay attention to the date of birth of the condom. When buying a condom, the first step is to check the batch number read more

When couples don't want to get pregnant, they use some kind of contraception in sex. The contraceptive is a common one, but it has many attributes, not a single type. Emergency contraceptives are a special breed. Because it is not a routine contraceptive, but an emergency drug in the event of an accident. Why is emergency contraception an emergency item? In fact, it is a more potent drug, and it should only be taken after sex without any contraceptive measures or after the contraceptive measures are found to be ineffective. Moreover, emergency contraceptives have more side effects than conventional read more