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Sexual love is often addictive, but some words cannot be said, and what can't be said? According to gender experts, when sex is going on, the words spoken by both sides will have a potential influence, affecting each other's sexual feelings, and even often saying that those disappointing words will make the other party lose their desire for sex life. So, what are the consequences of these adverse effects? "Now I have to turn off the lights!" 2. "Just wait for a while, let me send the text message!" "I am fat?" 4. "I am hungry!" When you are not making love, don't destroy the atmosphere. "Do read more

Sexual life bleed is a topic that many female friends are more concerned about. If there is a sexual life bleed, it will often scare many people, especially the first time friends who have encountered this situation, do not know what to do. What is the cause of sexual life bleeding? 1. Improper housing in the same room. If it is the sexual life caused by improper housing, you don’t need to worry. As long as you take the appropriate position and do a good caress in the future room, you can effectively reduce your sexual life. Bleeding this situation. There is also a male friend who is not too read more

Every man is eager to have unparalleled sexual ability, but in order to have superb sexual ability, in addition to the need of congenital physical talent, we need to exercise in a reasonable diet in daily life, if we can do science in life. The health care, I believe that you can make your body stronger, and more confident in the life of the couple. Especially in front of his wife, proud to be a man. Many men are very interested in super sexual ability and hope that they are also one of them. As long as men do these small details in their lives, they can have superior sexual ability in all likelihood. read more

With regard to sex, many men feel that they are "deep in this way" and feel that as long as they have mastered certain sexual skills, they rarely care about what women are thinking. Sexual love is a matter for two people. Only by understanding women's real thoughts and understanding their needs can they better mobilize their enthusiasm. Do you know what kind of sexual life women want most? The two people's handles are actually a variation of the female upper body, but different from the traditional female upper position. This position requires both men and women to move in the opposite direction. read more

Many women will say this, their men are very different before and after marriage, many things will be accommodated before marriage, and many things after marriage make them move to him, and after marriage, men become very lazy, not only do not like at home Doing housework, and often expressing dissatisfaction with some trivial matters, let women doubt the man in front of him, whether he carefully selected it. So, what are the performances of a man who hurts his wife after marriage? 1. I am used to accompanying you at home or getting used to self-entertainment. If he is always used to accompanying read more

In the process of enjoying sexual life, many women do not have sexual orgasm, but in order to meet the needs of men, some women like to pretend to climax! In fact, expect men to gain confidence from your camouflage orgasm, thus promoting sexual life, which It’s a big information asymmetry! Since he knows that he is doing well, you are climaxing, then he will do it next time, and then, what about promotion? And you are also in the process. I feel more and more negative. If you play so hard, you can only satisfy him every time. After he wakes up, your heart seems to be unable to sleep. So, what read more

The woman's pajamas are half-masked and the chest is slightly exposed. The scene is probably a dream scene for all men. And underwear is a must for everyone in modern society, especially female friends. For women, underwear is not only to prevent exposure, but also to protect private parts from various diseases. A comfortable and comfortable underwear is undoubtedly a help for women to ensure their health, but with the development of the trend, more and more forms of underwear, such as lace underwear, thongs, four-corner underwear, cotton underwear. So how do you choose the underwear that suits read more

I believe that we have had the experience of the first date. The embarrassing experience of not knowing how to get along with strangers will definitely impress you. Obviously, I don’t know what to do, but I’m screwed up because I don’t know what to talk about. I believe that in the face of your favorite ta, you must not want to mess up your first date. Then, when we first date, what should we talk about in order to be more attractive, and it is easier to make a good impression on ta? Xiaobian Recommended: Depilation Cheats: How to find a woman to catch a subway, how to talk with beautiful read more

The male genitalia is often called the "life root". It is a very vulnerable place. Therefore, if a man wants to give full play to his sexual ability while making love, he should learn more about how to keep the penis healthy. Oh! Dr. Goldstein often said that a study involving 31,000 people found that men who walked 2 miles a day (about 1.6 km) had a half chance of erectile problems compared with men who were sedentary for a long time. . Jogging for 20 minutes or lifting weights for 30 minutes a day has the same effect. After slumbering sex after climax, the penis needs enough sleep. When a read more

The man is afraid of getting into the wrong line, and the woman is afraid to marry the wrong man. Marriage is the most important turning point in a woman's life. Choosing what kind of person to marry is the most important thing for a woman to consider. Then the following men are women who must not marry. A man who is experienced in love has such a man. The woman around him is like a horse lantern. The man is also famous. Different women are like different scenery and bring different feelings. Such men have a common characteristic, rich in emotions and energetic. It seems that they are a little read more