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Among the star couples in the entertainment industry, Yang Mi and Liu Weiwei are definitely the most attention-grabbing pairs of netizens. The two have gradually changed from the original "model husband and wife" to the "suspected marriage change" that is now rumored. It can be said that it is a topic. It’s gone, but for this kind of rumor, the couple never responded. Especially recently, Yang Mi and Liu Weiwei have different platforms. Non-interaction has become a well-known thing. Therefore, their emotional status is also different. However, recently, netizens finally saw the intimate interaction read more

"Fire" was directed by the famous director Li Xiaoping. Li Song was the screenwriter. Yu Yi, Gao Ruirui, Zhou Fang and others starred in the event, focusing on social hot events, a successful case of a big life and death, and the young police also gained in difficulties and setbacks. growing up. The process of opening the knot is extremely difficult, and Yu Yi is finally coming out. During this period, his contradictions, entanglements, deep self-blame and self-doubt are all vividly expressed, enriching Zhao Pengcheng and making this character even more Stereo and full. As the ending story read more

What can happen in 16 years? The little dragon girl reunited with Yang from the bottom of the valley, and the international Ma Mingyu changed from a young man to a middle-aged uncle. A long time away from the World Cup for 16 years, a few days ago, China’s only World Cup captain Ma Mingyu was invited to be a guest of the Tiger Tooth Live section [they came] to connect with the World Cup again in a special way. In the same period, Yu Genwei and Yang Lan participated in the live broadcast. The three international players changed the style of the old cadres during the live broadcast. The situation read more

Last week, YY talk show host Xiao Zhou (live room ID: 6737) released the latest original song "Love is loved", the song quickly rose to the top of the major music charts, and won praise. In order to give back to fans' support and love for him, YY carefully planned a fan-respecting event for the live-action room for Xiaozhou. This event attracted 100,000+ fans at the same time, and the atmosphere was very warm. Xiaozhou is a well-known talk show anchor on the YY live broadcast platform. As early as 2012, Xiaozhou tried to publish original songs through the Internet. In 2015, Xiaozhou officially read more

Some time ago, the well-known blogger "Changchun International Trade" took a photo of Fan Bingbing and the little girl, and caused a hot discussion among netizens. It is reported that the little girl in the photo is Fan Bingbing, the cousin of Fan Bingbing. Both of them are wearing red clothes. It is very festive! The netizens feel that the genes of the family are all good, beautiful and beautiful! Fan Duo Duo is well-known in the circle. The small model, who participated in the China International Fashion Week show, was also invited as the special guest of the CIP International Children's read more


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