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There is no very other half between husband and wife. There are only two five-point individuals. When they are combined, they are very husband and wife. The same is true in sex life. The husband and wife cooperate with each other and each person has a five-point effort to create a perfect sex life. In the face of the wife to have "five hearts" First of all, patient women like to be treated with caution and preciousness without exception. A good foreplay is to follow this principle and let women feel like they are being served like a noble queen. This is the ideal foreplay foundation. Secondly, read more

Many people are confessing directly when they are pursuing women. At this time, they are not very familiar with each other. Unless you are very familiar with it, the confession will only scare women. Women’s instinct for danger is to avoid evil, male Behavior is considered a dangerous human. Show your enterprising heart I think the most important thing is to let mm see your ambition. The greatest charm of a man is that his career is successful. Young people can't talk about "achievement" when they work for a long time. At this time, you must let mm think that you are a self-motivated person. read more

There are 7 billion people in the world, and China's population is close to 1.4 billion. Why do you find each other in the vast sea of ​​people? Of course, many people have never been able to find the other half. Why do other people find their other half easily, what secret do they have? Let us look at the key factors for finding the other half today. The common thrilling memories want to make your crushed woman your girlfriend, it is better to invite her to play some thrilling games. A study published in the American Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that when men and women read more

As a married woman during pregnancy, I used to not know my ovulation period. Later, I went online to check the ovulation period and calculation method. The ovulation period is like a little aunt for girls, so I need to treat them well. I will give you a way to think about it. 1. Using the basal body temperature to judge, after 6 hours of adequate sleep, the body temperature is measured and recorded before any activity has been performed. Female ovulation generally rises from low to high before the basal body temperature rises, and the basal body temperature is at an elevated level. 1-2 days read more

How do you know when the ovulation period is coming? Women have some physiological reactions during ovulation, and these symptoms can also be seen, such as irritability, energy, high sexual desire, etc., so it can be seen from these reactions that the ovulation period is up, At this time, women should pay more attention to rest. How long is the ovulation period? The ovulation date of a woman is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual cramp. After the egg is discharged from the ovary, it can survive for 12 days in the fallopian tube to wait for fertilization; The man's sperm can maintain read more

What is the normal ovulation period? Generally, the normal ovulation period is after the menstruation and the previous days, and the ovulation period is accurately known. Only some methods can be used to test. For example, ovulation test strips can be used, body temperature test and B-ultrasound test can be used. Know the time of ovulation, even the day of ovulation. The reason for ovulation bleeding caused by ovulation bleeding is because the follicular rupture, estrogen levels after ovulation decline, can not maintain the normal growth of the endometrium and endometrial breakthrough bleeding. read more

For many women, irregular menstruation is an inevitable problem. It brings many problems to themselves, such as the calculation of ovulation period. How do women with irregular menstruation calculate the ovulation period? We recommend it to everyone. There are four methods. These four methods should be flexibly strained according to their own conditions in actual use, so that the ovulation period can be calculated more accurately. Method 1 calendar method: For women with irregular menstruation, can be calculated according to the menstrual cycle of the past 6-12 months: The shortest period (days) read more

Now that the country is about to open a second child, I believe that there are not many parents who want a baby. The most convenient shortcut to successfully bred a baby is to successfully conceive during the ovulation period of the female compatriots. After all, the chances of conceiving female friends during ovulation will increase. Most parents may wish to add a little man to help the mother or sister at home, so how do the boys count ovulation? Purposeful sexual intercourse on ovulation day Y sperm is very short-lived As mentioned above, the number of y sperm is twice that of X sperm, for read more

In the morning, when male sexual desire is the strongest, after a night's rest, the male's physical strength is restored. Morning Bo can help men enter sex more easily. However, the office workers who are in a hurry can choose the morning of the rest day to let themselves and their partners fully enjoy sex. Women want it most after ovulation. One week after ovulation is the most vigorous moment of female sexual desire. At this time, the secretion of sex hormones in the body is sufficient, and there is a phenomenon of “vaginal hunger and thirst”. At this time, men send a sexual signal to read more

When a child develops, what parents worry most about is the child's development during adolescence. On the one hand, I don't know how to guide the children, but on the other hand, I worry that the children are learning badly, so the parents are more troubled. At this time, the children are extremely uneasy and confused. They face sexual behavior for the first time. If they are not taught correctly, they may be damaged during adolescence.