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Star Network Information, May 10, Liu Yan uploaded a set of beautiful photos on his own Weibo and shared a song, saying: "The song and the map do not take, but I like it!" Liu Yan wearing a white dress, long hair fluttering The makeup is exquisite, with a sweet smile and a gentle look at the lens. Some netizens said: "How to send people must be better than the photos!" Liu Yan playful reply: "The best is." This article comes from the star network, please indicate the source!

On May 17th, Lin Yanjun, You Changjing, Li Ruotian, Lin Chaoze, Lu Dingqi, Qiu Zhihe, Gao Maotong, Bei Wei and Jiang Jingzuo of Banana Entertainment Trainee18 were exclusively placed in Tencent Microvision, bringing a new look to this ultra-interest short video app. The energy and vitality, the nine younger brothers are even more "fun catchers", waiting for you to "fun" in micro-vision. This time, Trainee18's exclusive entry into Microvision is highly anticipated. In the recent hot reality show "Idol Trainee", nine younger brothers who have gained popularity are stationed in the group to make read more

Star network information, according to Taiwan media reports, South Korea "beast group" 2PM each member has a strong body, handsome looks and impeccable appearance to attract a vote. Team member Yu Ze played in the army in September 2017. He was selected as a training camp assistant because of his good performance. He has been serving for 8 months and has recently been captured by netizens, but he has become stronger and stronger. Many people exclaimed "is it a realistic version of Hulk?" Yu Ze played in the army in September 2017. He was recently captured by netizens, dressed in neat camouflage read more

Star network information, these two days, Yang Chao can be said to occupy the hot search list of Weibo, the hot search list is not how Yang is over. How do netizens evaluate? As a result of "Creation 101", Yang Chao is not particularly strong, but he has won the second place. This makes many netizens say that it is incredible, so it is very controversial for Yang to surpass this person. Some time ago, Yinger and Fu Xinbo’s wedding was also a sensation, but the heat of these days also came down. Last night, Yinger posted a dynamic public support on Yang Wei. Many netizens said that it is read more

Star network information, recently, some marketing numbers have exposed the creation of 101 girls weight changes, causing a lot of hot discussion on the network. I saw only the table, Wang Ju was the most thin, lost 8.4 kg; Wu Xuanyi fat 0.5 kg; Meng Meijun fat 3.3 kg; sunnee fat 6 kg; Wu Yuying fat 6.5 kg; Yang over fat most The table is full of 7.6 pounds... The table data shows that Yang exceeded 43.4 pounds when he checked in, but in the program, Yang Chao has revealed that he is 168 and weight 48! So, this data is very fake... In this regard, Netizens said: 1, fake, marketing number do read more


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